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From Castle Rock, Franktown and Parker through the Elizabeth and Kiowa area and out to Limon and Burlington, High Prairie Survey Company has been serving the needs of home and land buyers and sellers for decades.


The process of surveying for real estate varies, but can include:


ALTA Survey

An ALTA Survey is a rigorous improvement survey often used for commercial property transactions and shows improvements, easements, rights-of-way, and other elements that impact the ownership of a specific parcel of land.


Land Survey Plat

For parcels with no improvements (buildings) it is a good idea to start here. A Land Survey Plat (AKA Boundary Survey) locates all property boundaries by finding and/or setting property corners and marks these with four foot lathe and surveyors’ flagging. A drawing is then provided that helps the builder find the best location on the site for building to avoid encroachments on property lines and/or violating setbacks, building envelopes, and no-build zones.


Improvement Survey Plat

If the land parcel in question has an existing structure, then an Improvement Survey is required. An improvement survey also finds and/or sets all property corners and shows (locates) all structures on the parcel. This survey is useful if a new structure is planned and can be incorporated into a site plan as part of the building permit process.

Improvement Location Certificate

Usually required by lenders before home closing, an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC for short, also called a “mortgage survey”) finds at least two property corners and then locates the home and other structures, barns and outbuilding, on the property. This type of survey assures lenders that no property line encroachments exist as well as confirming the size and quantity of structures on the site.


Fence Staking

Often the first improvement new land owners want to address is fencing. This is often done as part of a boundary survey. We can place “points on a line”, four foot lathe with surveyors’ flagging, along property lines to help your fencing contractor in the proper placement of your fence.


Here’s how one of our clients describes their experience working with us:



“I have had the pleasure of working with High Prairie Survey for many years and have always been impressed with their professionalism and their knowledge of surveying and the area. I strongly recommend the team at HPSC for all of your survey work.”


—Cevey Pennington, Real Estate Agent,

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