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Construction surveying services in Castle Rock, Franktown, Parker, Elizabeth, Kiowa, Limon, and Burlington

From Castle Rock, Franktown and Parker through the Elizabeth and Kiowa area and out to Limon and Burlington, High Prairie Survey Company has been serving the needs of home and outbuilding constructors for decades.


The process of surveying for construction varies by the specific project, but can include:


Land Survey Plat

For parcels with no improvements (buildings) it is a good idea to start here. A boundary survey locates all property boundaries by finding and/or setting property corners and marks these with four foot lathe and surveyors’ flagging. A drawing is then provided that helps the builder find the best location on the site for building to avoid encroachments on property lines and/or violating setbacks and no-build zones.


Improvement Survey Plat

If the building project is on a parcel where a structure exists, then an improvement survey is required. An improvement survey also finds and/or sets all property corners and shows (locates) all structures on the parcel.


Site Plan/DESC

The county building department will require a site plan before issuing a building permit. Using the information derived from a survey, the building and driveway are shown to scale on the subject parcel of land. All setbacks, building envelopes, and/or no-build zones must be shown and all structures must be shown not to encroach on these. DESC (Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control) are required by Douglas County  for effective erosion and sediment control and to ensure adequate drainage. DESC ensure compliance with the ever changing state, federal and local environmental regulations. If the project requires a building permit a DESC will be required in Douglas County.


Building Stakeout

Using your building plans and your preferred site placement, we can place four foot lathe (stakes) at all corners of your proposed building on your parcel of land. This is a valuable aid to excavators when digging the foundation and/or constructing support structures such as caissons.


Foundation Survey

These are required by county building departments at the completion of the foundation. This survey locates the foundation in relation to property lines, setbacks, building envelopes, and/or no-build zones to confirm the foundation is in compliance with all relevant restrictions.


Drainage Certificate

The Drainage Certificate is generally required as part of the final building permit process. This certificate measures the grade of the slope leading away from a building under construction to ensure it meets the minimum standards of the applicable governing body.

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say:

“What do I like about High Prairie Survey? Well they are reliable, responsive and very easy to work with: I make one call and they do it all. I have used them for decades and would recommend them to anyone needing a professional land survey.”


—Gregg Boone, Manager,

SunWest Homes


"High Prairie Survey is a top notch Land Surveying firm. They have deep knowledge of both the art and science of land surveying and of the local area including land use regulations. Highly recommended!"

—Jeff Salmon
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High Prairie Survey Company offer construction surveying services in Castle Rock, Franktown, Parker, Elizabeth, Kiowa, Limon, and Burlington.

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